Woolworths Petrol Enterprise Agreement 2012

20 2.10 TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT Termination for misconduct In the event of serious misconduct, an employee may be dismissed immediately Dismissal of full-time and part-time employees by the Company In order to terminate the employment relationship of a full-time or part-time employee, except for serious misconduct, the Company shall give the employee the following notice: Duration of uninterrupted weekly service Notice period more than 1 year 1 week 1 year or more, but less than 3 years 2 weeks 3 years or more, but less than 5 years 3 weeks 5 years and more than 4 weeks (c) In addition to the dismissal prescribed in subparagraph, employees who are over 45 years of age at the time of dismissal and who have been on continuous duty for at least two years years, is entitled to an additional period of notice. Payment is made in lieu of the notice required in the paragraphs and/or it if the corresponding notice period is not given. Provided that the employment relationship can be terminated by part of the specified notice period and partial remuneration in its place. (d) (e) (f) (g) In calculating any severance pay instead of severance pay, the wages that a worker would have received for the normal period during which he or she would have worked during the notice period if the employment relationship had not ended shall be used. The notice period provided for in this clause shall not apply in the event of dismissal for serious misconduct or for casual workers or for temporary weekly workers who are hired for a certain period of time or for one or more specific tasks. The employment relationship of employees who are hired for a certain period of time or who temporarily ends at the end of the respective period without further notice, with the exception of temporary workers who are dismissed or dismissed and who are subject to the aforementioned dismissal provisions. During the notice period granted by the Company to a full-time or part-time employee, that employee is granted up to one day off without loss of pay for the purpose of seeking alternative employment. The release takes place at times favorable to the employee after consultation with the company Termination by the employee The notice of dismissal to be given by an employee must be the same as that of the company, unless there is no additional dismissal due to the age of the employee concerned. Provided that an employee can meet the one-week notice period with the company`s consent. Page 20 17 (c) (d) Base hours will continue to be increased annually, unless the part-time employee only works his or her base hours during an anniversary year or decides not to increase his or her base hours. If the following exceptional circumstances result in a significant decrease in activity, the Company may postpone the offer of an increase in the base hour up to 3 months: – renovation; – rehabilitation; – natural disasters; or – New contest If unlimited overtime becomes available in the store and the employee has demonstrated and demonstrated skills and competencies for the position in which the hours became available, that employee will prefer overtime to other part-time employees who have not experienced a reduction in hours of work (according to the subsection), casual workers and new part-time employees conversion to full-time employment 2.7 CASUAL WORKER When a part-time employee reaches a basic working time of 36 hours per week, that employee may choose to be employed full-time.

This sub-clause applies if the employee worked an average of 36 hours or more per week in his or her previous anniversary year Casual employees are paid at an hourly rate equal to the corresponding weekly rate divided by 38 plus a 20 per cent charge instead of personal leave, annual leave entitlements. Public holidays or other forms of paid leave (with the exception of long-term leave) for all hours worked, except overtime A casual worker must be hired for a daily minimum of at least 3 hours and a maximum of 9 hours. .