Umowa Najmu Rental Agreement

2 Use of other premises and rooms in a disruptive property, the lessor may terminate the rental without immediately respecting the notice periods. 4. The lessor may terminate this contract without respecting the notice period if the tenant of the premises authorises a delay with a rent of at least two weeks and the lessor has informed the lessee in writing by granting him an additional weekly period to pay the unpaid. 5. Tenants and landlords have the right to terminate the contract with one month`s notice with effect from the end of the following month in which the termination was filed. Termination must be in writing, provided that it has not been adopted. 4. Quiet property 1. The lessor assures the tenant that the tenant, if he regularly pays rent and fulfills all the obligations arising from this contract, will benefit from the undisturbed and exclusive ownership of the premises for the duration of the rental. 5. Rent 1. The tenant undertakes to pay an equivalent rent to the lessor. monthly (verbally:.

or) from the date on which the minutes take charge of the premises. Tenants receive a discount of 10% per month if the contract is in progress without interruption during the academic year, i.e. at least nine calendar months. (2) In addition, the tenant is obliged to pay costs related to the use of these premises, i.e. the costs of electricity, water and heating according to the condition of the meter, as well as the waste and Internet made available on a device (the connection of each subsequent device is an additional fee of € 10). The fees are calculated with a deposit of 120.00 USD (literally: a hundred zlotys) per month, paid at the same time as the rent. The tenant undertakes to pay additional costs resulting from the actual consumption of the supply on the basis of the quarterly comparison. 3.

Rent is paid monthly in advance until the 5th day of each month to the rental account listed below. 4. The rent is paid to the owner`s account with BZ WBK (in the title of the transfer: name of the owner and address of the rented premises). 5. Non-payment of rent within the contractual period obliges tenants to pay legal default interest. 6. Deposit 1. The tenant is required to pay a deposit of an amount.

(literally: a thousand zlotys) no later than the day of the takeover of the premises on the penultimate account of the owner. .