Research And Option Agreement

3.7.3. RoFN unfolding. If Morphic versus a pasd Terminated Janssen produces, for the Morphic, a ROFN availability message to Janssen (a) Janssen does not provide COMMUNICATION of ROFN exercises to Morphic in the [O] after Janssen has received all the information to be provided in the current ROFN AVAILABILITy notification for such a terminated Janssen product, or (b) Janssen and Morphic do not agree to the terms of a Janssen contract for such a product. , the Janssen product terminated in the [O] all information provided in the current ROFN availability release for such a terminated Janssen product, and then, in all cases (a) and b), after such a period of time, if any, and subject to the terms of this agreement, Morphic will be free to negotiate or enter into an agreement with third parties , the granting or other transfer of rights to this Passed Terminated Janssen product (including subsequent development and marketed product) without further commitment to Janssen; Morphic and its related companies during the additional period following the end of that period [ or ] period; If so, do not enter into an agreement (or agree the terms of a non-binding contract sheet for such an agreement) with third parties on terms that involve payments below Morphic in one of the following categories, compared to the corresponding conditions 4.4.10. Perform other tasks, as expressly defined in this agreement or assigned to the CCR by written consent of the contracting parties. Pipeline agreements generally provide an option to obtain an ip transfer or license. An agreement on pipelines generally contains a definition of an “IP pipeline” that aims to define and limit the intellectual property that must pass through the pipeline. As a general rule, a university wants to limit the flow of pipelines to the intellectual property generated by the founders or their laboratory for a certain period of time. The university may want to exclude from the definition any intellectual property subject to third parties, for example. B obligations to sponsors or obligations to the rights of third parties (. B for example, common inventions made with academics from other universities).