Pledge Agreement Perevod

Gages — I (New American Roget s College Thesaurus) n. promise, security, pledge, pledge, security, hostage, bail; Word, Troth, vows, guarantee; The attachment, the oath. See confirmation. v. bail, salary, deposit, squat (sl.), mortgage, mortgage; Wishes, promises,… … German dictionary for students 1. 1) . to take a pledge — to get a pledge — to pawn something — The consignment agreement – , . . . To keep the campaign promises, I guarantee you.

– “Total abstinence] pledge … — to call the pledge — . No. 1) . Asset collateral … pledgee 2) . • – связывать обещанием [клятвой] Например : to be pledged to do something – быть связаным обещанием сделать что-либо to pledge oneself to do something – обяаться сделать что-либобо 3) общая лексика, устаревшее произносить тост pledgeable, adj. pledger, n.

pledgeless, adj. /plej/n., v., pledged, pledging. n. 1. a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something: a commitment to aid; A promise not to go to war. 2. something like security for… Universalium I. nomen Étymology: Middle English plegge security, from Anglo-French plege, from Late Latin plebium, from `plebere to pledge, probably of Germanic origin; a little more in need 1.